Jushan Delicacy‧35Urn Chicken
  • 35 Urn Chicken is the first store of making urn chicken in Nantou. The store has enjoyed great popularity for special culinary method and distinctive flavor. The chicken is roasted in traditional urn and longan wood. The chicken has the most tender texture and succulent meat. Even if the chicken gets cold, it still tastes superb delectable. Beside from savoring the fine chicken in the restaurant, you can order takeaway urn chicken back home savoring.
  • Urn Chicken

    Urn chicken has amber-colored crispy outer layer and succulent meat. The store can sell up to 300 chicken per day.
  • Stir-fried Sweet Potatoes

    When this dish served, you can smell aromatic scent. The sweet potatoes are stir-fried with sesame oil and basil leaves. The dish goes perfectly with a bowl of plain white rice.
  • Fried Ginger Flower

    The wild ginger flowers are covered with flour. A lot of people fall in love with this dish after trying. It is suggested to savor the ginger flower in original flavor then dip with specially-made sauce.
  • Thai Seafood Roll

    The seafood roll goes perfectly with Thai style sauce. The spicy and sour sauce makes a perfect appetizer for you. The crispy outer layer has got soft inner stuffing. It will make you mouth-watering.
  • Stir-fried Bamboo Shoots

    The green bamboo shoots is the stem of day lily. They taste refreshing and sweet. There are also jelly ear and shredded carrots cooked with the bamboo shoots. 
  • Pig’s Scalp Salad

    The scalp of the pig is thick and superb spring; therefore, it requires professional skill to process the ingredient. The salad is stirred with specially-made sauce and makes a perfect appetizer during hot summertime.
  • Store information

    ※Sun Moon Lake 35 Urn Chicken:http://0492896688.tw.tranews.com/
    ※Recommended Restaurant.35 Urn Chicken:http://0492638800-1.tw.tranews.com/

    ※Franchise is available all over Taiwan, call for more information.
    ※TraNews readers can get a free plate of seasonal vegetable upon presenting valid coupon.

    【Opening hours】
    ‧1030-1900/ 1030-2000(Holiday)
    ‧Closed on the first and third Tuesday of every month
    ‧The urn chicken is limited during weekend and it is best to place orders in advance.

     Urn chicken NTD450(signature item)
     Urn shrimp  NTD300(seasonal limited)
     Bamboo shoots soup  NTD50
     Rice in bamboo tube NTD50
     Handmade rice noodles NTD30
     Rice noodles stirred with sesame oil NTD50
     Chicken oil rice NTD20
     Pig’s scalp salad NTD150
     Italian style shrimp egg NTD150
     Stir-fried bamboo shoots NTD100
     Stir-fried sweet potatoes NTD150
     Thai seafood roll NTD200
     Fried ginger flower NTD120
     Fried fish stick with orange juice NTD150
     Preserved pork with cabbage NTD220

    【Traffic information】
    ◎Highway No. 3
    ‧Southbound: Exit at Jushan Interchange- Jushan direction- take to Xitou/Lugu direction- 35 Urn Chicken
    ‧Northbound: Daoliu Interchange- take to Xitou/Lugu direction- 35 Urn Chicken

    【GPS】N23.76604, E120.71735

    【Booking hotline】049-2638800, 0911647799

    Address: No.8-17, Dongxiang Rd., Zhushan Township, Nantou County 557, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 營業電話:049-2638800、0911-647799